Rosemount Bible Church

Our Leadership

A Plural Leadership

RBC is led by a Board of Elders. They take responsibility for the church’s spiritual oversight, leadership, vision and direction and they entrust the implementation of the vision and direction into the hands of the Ministry Service Board (deacons) with the help of a Finance Team.

The Board of Elders meets regularly to govern the affairs of the church.  The Finance team also meets regularly to ensure good stewardship of the church’s resources.

Together, the elders and deacons head up eight councils that function as a Ministry Service Board. Its mandate is “to serve RBC by carrying out the mission and vision of the church by assisting the Elders in: 1) The planning, communication and implementation of vision; 2) The management of church resources through leadership development and recruiting, participation in the budget process, and the setting of the church calendar; 3) The planning and organizing of special church-wide events; 4) The mutual accountability of ministry council leadership.”

Nick Azzuolo

Nick Azzuolo

Nick Azzuolo has been a part of the RBC community since 1996. His experience being employed with World Vision Canada as Regional Program Manager for Canadian Programs has been very valuable in leadership at RBC, particularly in the area of forming strategic partnerships.

Over the years he has been involved in various areas of ministry such as leading the ALPHA course, serving as a deacon and being involved in small group and para-church ministries. His pastimes include inspirational reading, sports, discovering new things to see and do, and getting together with friends and family. His preferred characters in the Bible are Barnabas, Paul, and Ruth and his favorite Bible verses are: Matthew 5:9, John 15:5 and Galatians 5:6b.

The elders welcomed Nick to the board in 2008. He is also currently the Chair of the Care Council and Community Outreach Council at RBC.  On May 26, 2013 the elders announced that they had appointed Nick as a full-time Staff Elder. He assumed his duties as of September 9, 2013.

Dave & Katy Brereton

Dave & Katy Brereton

David & Katy Brereton, and their family, began attending Rosemount Bible Church in 1991. He is the chairman of a Montreal-based software company. Youth energize him which is a good thing since he is also the National Director for Youth for Christ Canada/Youth Unlimited. For many years, Dave led and taught youth groups. He and Katy established and ran a camp for foster children.

Dave & Katy have seven grown children, fourteen grandchildren and numerous foster children and extended family.

Dave preaches regularly at RBC, chairs the Finance Team and the MSB, oversees the Youth ministry and is one of two RBC elders that conducts weddings. He has been serving as an elder at RBC since 1992. Katy is the Sunday School Superintendent and is presently Chair of the Children’s Council.

Andy Cunningham

Andy Cunningham

Andy Cunningham met his wife, Angela, when they were both teenagers attending Parkside Ranch teen camp. He began attending her home church when he moved to Montreal to pursue his university studies. They later married and now have two lovely daughters. He is the Office Manager for a Business Supplies and Equipment manufacturer.

In his present role at RBC, Andy sits on the Finance Team and is Envelope Secretary.

David Dawson

David Dawson

Dr. David Dawson grew up at RBC and has also raised his family here. He is a Specialist in Internal Medicine, works as chief of one of the Royal Victoria Hospital’s medical services and teaches Medicine at McGill University. He has been privileged to serve on short-term medical missions in India, Zaire, Albania and Sierre Leone.

Dr. Dawson is the author of Launch Out Into The Deep: The Story of Parkside Ranch and No Fear In His Presence, an account of his African civil war experience. He recently published a 25th anniversary edition of the book and it is having a whole new impact on all who read it.

David and his wife Pat have served in Christian camping and for years have been a part of a small group. They have four children, one son-in-law and one grandchild.

David has served on the elders’ team for over 20 years and currently chairs the board. He is also the Chair of the Worship Council. He focuses his time on encouragement, administration, worship and vision casting.  He is also one of two elders that conducts weddings.

Kelly Marcogliese

Kelly Marcogliese

Kelly Marcogliese: Kelly and her husband John have been worshipping at RBC since they were teenagers. They now have three young adult sons of their own.

Kelly’s passion for Christ and the Word of God motivates her to engage the RBC community in corporate times of prayer. She chairs the Prayer Council and manages the Daily Prayer Network (prayer requests sent daily by email).

Paul Margerrison

Paul Margerrison

Paul Margerrison, along with his wife, Sheila, moved from the U.K. to Montreal in 2012. Ostensibly, they relocated for work purposes. But it soon became evident that the Lord drew them to Montreal because Paul’s experience in construction would be indispensable to the RBC building renovation project. Paul is the newest addition to the Ministry Service Board, having recently taken on the chairing duties of the Building Operations and Maintenance Council. He is also the board secretary.

Before coming to RBC, Paul and Sheila were active in the leadership of their church in Britain and in teaching Sunday school.


Bianca Hebert

Bianca Hébert: Chair, Youth Council.

Bianca has been attending RBC for the past 17 years and has been serving the Lord in the children and youth ministry since the age of 15. As of September 2015, Bianca chairs the youth and young adult council. She is very energetic and passionate about her ministry, and strives to have a positive impact in the youth and young adult’s lives. Outside of church, she is completing her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations at McGill university.

Jim Whitelaw

Jim Whitelaw

Jim Whitelaw has attended RBC since earliest childhood and made his Christian commitment at age 16. He is a retired Air Canada executive.

He and his wife Eleanor directed Frontier Lodge children’s and youth camps for many years and have worked extensively with the Seniors’ group at RBC.  Jim is passionate about good books and has an extensive library that would challenge a bright mind.

Jim & Eleanor have three daughters and six grandchildren.


David Shorten

David Shorten: Chair, Missions Council.
David was raised in Red Deer, AB, but moved to Montreal for studies in 2010. Having been inspired by many stories of his grandparents’ missionary work in Angola, and having been given the opportunity to serve at RBC as a missions correspondent, he has developed a passion to better equip the local church in its involvement abroad. As chair of the missions council, David hopes to facilitate an increasingly active role on the part of our membership with those currently doing ministry locally as well as in other parts of the world.

Cynthia De Santis: Church Administrator & Assistant to the Board of Elders.
Cynthia and her husband James Fuoco have been attending RBC with their two sons since July 2015.  Both born and raised in the faith; have always had a passion for serving the church body.  At their previous church, Cynthia was the director of Christian Education for 3 years and was part of the kids program for many years.  Her position as the Administrator to the Board of Elders at RBC helps to facilitate and support the needs of the church.