Rosemount Bible Church

Teaching Council

At Rosemount Bible Church, our main teaching emphasis is on Sunday mornings. Peer-to-peer teaching is also a component of mid-week small groups.

Sunday Teaching

Opening Devotional: At the beginning of the Communion service, there is a pre-arranged short devotional to open the service. Its focus is on the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its purpose is to encourage those who worship to better appreciate who Christ is and what He has done.

Family Bible Hour: Teaching is usually done in a series-format of anywhere from 3-8 weeks. The Teaching Council, with input from the elders, takes responsibility for planning the teaching series and booking speakers.

Comments, questions or suggestions about the FBH teaching time can be included on this Comment Card and submitted to the Teaching committee.

Current Teaching Schedule:

Date Title/Theme Passage Speaker
July 15  The Parable of the Sower  Matthew 13 Les Muirhead
July 22  The Parable of the Tenants  Luke 20:9-19 Jim Whitelaw
July 29  The Parable of the Two Debtors  Luke 7:36-50 Nick Azzuolo
Aug 5 The Good Samaritan  Luke 10:25-37  Dr. Roger Ghoche

Mid-Week Small Groups

Community Groups: During the week smaller groups of RBCers meet to fellowship and study the Bible together. Groups are free to choose their own themes or topics of study. Often, they will take a semester to study a whole book of the Bible. Other groups use small group study guides to focus their time of study together. Small groups may have one or more facilitators. Visit the Community Groups page for more information about the groups that are currently available.