Rosemount Bible Church

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rosemount Bible Church?

RBC is an evangelical Brethren church. Please consult the About Us and RBC History pages for more information.

What is the Breaking of Bread (Communion, the Lord’s Supper) service and how does it work?

Note: Occasionally, communion is observed as part of the Family Bible Hour. On those occasions, the format is different.

The communion service is a time to remember the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for the sins of all mankind. It is an expression of faith and of obedience to Christ by those who have personally trusted in his act of salvation for their sins.

Duration: The service lasts about 45 minutes.

Note: During the communion service, the Nursery is open for infants aged 0-18 months.

Theme: Usually, there is a theme that runs throughout the service focusing on Jesus and aspects of his person and character. For example: Jesus as Saviour or Redeemer or sinless Lamb of God. The hymns and praise songs, prayers and Scripture readings and time of remembrance with the bread and the wine emblems will then centre around this same theme.

The Bread & the Wine (emblems): The bread and wine are symbolic of the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and through participation, the believer commemorates the personal sacrifice that Jesus made for him/her on the cross. People who have not taken this step of faith are welcome to attend this service and to observe.

Our Practices: Churches differ in how the carry out the Scriptural principles that govern this time of remembrance. At RBC:

  • Songs, Scripture readings and prayers are offered in remembrance and worship by men and women.
  • When the emblems are passed, both red wine and white grape juice are offered.
  • A collection plate is passed to receive the offerings of believers. (Guests are encouraged to let the plate pass by.)
  • At this time, there is only one communion service (in English).

Scripture References: pointing to passages on the subject of communion and instructions for worship include:

If you have questions about this service, the Elder would be happy to chat with you.

What is the Family Bible Hour (FBH)?

The FBH is our teaching service where we worship, sing, pray and receive teaching from God’s word. Usually, the teaching follows a theme that lasts anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

Community life is expressed at this service by way of our announcements, baptisms, baby dedications and the sharing of our personal stories/testimonies.

During the FBH, we offer the following services for children and youth:

  • Nursery: 0-18 months old – There are three rows at the back of the Sanctuary on the right hand side, reserved for parents using the nursery.
  • Toddler Sunday School: 18 months to 5 years old – Children have some time to play and share a snack before learning a Bible story. The class is held on the middle level.
  • Elementary Sunday School: Kindergarten-Grade 6 – Children are divided by school year and teachers follow a Bible-based curriculum. Classes are held on the top floor.
  • Youth Class: High school – Youth go through a book of the Bible. Class is held in the Kitchen Conference Room.

What is a Community Group?

A community group is a small group of people that meets together during the week (geographically, if possible) for the purposes of praying together, studying the Bible and enjoying each other’s company (usually in the presence of some great snacks!). Visit the community groups page for a list of groups and their locations.

What sorts of activities does RBC have?

We have regular activities every week and year around at RBC. Please, make sure to get a weekly bulletin, visit our web site, read the Rolling Announcements or ask an usher for more information.

Examples of regular activities include Friday night programs for children and youth, baptism classes, special events, retreats and potlucks.

Are there support groups at RBC?

RBC tries to support all its attenders. Should you need a visit or phone call (whether because you are in the hospital, you are discouraged, you have marital problems, etc.), RBC has a pastoral care team that can help you. We also have a daily prayer network where you can call in or email your prayer requests, (anonymity is respected when requested) and have people pray for you.

How do I get involved at RBC?

We’d love to talk to you in person and help you find a place where you can serve at RBC. Please email us and we’d be happy to chat with you further.