Rosemount Bible Church

Missions Council

RBC has a closed Facebook group which is kept up to date with prayer requests from the missionaries we support. Contact David Shorten for more info. You can also follow missions on Twitter at RBC Missions on Twitter.

Global Missions Podcast is a great resource for anything missions related. Examples include: preparing for a missions trip, praying for missions, determining whether your mission work is helping or hurting, etc.

Our Missions Council:

  1. Informs the church of the progress of the church worldwide;
  2. Supports our church missionaries through prayer and financial gifts;
  3. Offers opportunities for practical cooperation with mission groups both locally and abroad;
  4. Encourages exposure to cross-cultural missions through short-term projects; and,
  5. Counsels and supports potential career missionaries.

Steps for Haiti Shoes

Shoes ready for distribution in Haiti

The people that we support financially work in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. They work in a wide range of fields including the relief of poverty, evangelism, education, medicine, urban ministry, Bible distribution and environmental conservation.

To learn about the missionaries that RBC interacts with, request to be added to the RBC Missions Facebook page or speak with David Shorten.

Additionally, we regularly feature the work of local and foreign missions in our Sunday bulletin and hold missions lunches several times per year to hear from/about and to pray for missionaries. We also engage in practical projects that assist missionaries and Christian organizations around the world.

RBC Sponsored Birthing Hut in Sierra Leone

RBC Sponsored Birthing Hut in Sierra Leone

Some of our past projects include:

  1. Providing funding to build two birthing huts (almost 3, actually) in Sierra Leone, Africa;
  2. Participating in relief & development efforts in India;
  3. Collecting shoes and other essential items for Haiti;
  4. Engaging our Sunday school children in missions work by raising funds to purchase soccer balls for a community in Kenya;
  5. Supporting our young adults on short-term missions endeavours; and,
  6. Providing funding for the ministry of La Corde in Pierrefonds, QC.

Missions and Youth: RBC has also supported our youth and young adults in several missions trips to Jamaica and in helping post-secondary students attend the Urbana Missions Conference (held every 3 years in St-Louis, MO).