Rosemount Bible Church

Worship Council

Worship Espace Louange Practices: Held every Monday at 7 PM at RBC. All RBCers welcome. Info: Heather Purdie

We’re here to help bring the church community to a state of sincere, relevant, expectant, and dynamic worship before God, in adoration, acclamation, confession, thanksgiving, or supplication, using a variety of forms and mediums, facilitated through the development of gifted members and leaders.

The Praise and Worship time during our weekly Family Bible Hour service is led by different worship teams on a rotating basis throughout the month. An Audio & Visual team provides invaluable support.

If you have a desire to serve in music ministry, please contact Dave Dawson to schedule an audition. If your interest is in A/V, contact Arturo Narro for the Sound team or Keith Morton for the Projection team. All teams provide training and serve on a rotational basis.


REFRESH Worship Evening

REFRESH Worship Evening